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the CLOCK OUT bracelet

OJ C00

OJ C00

OJ C00 aka the CLOCK OUT bracelet

It's about time.

OLD JEWELRY has been working 9-2-5 and is ready to release its 5th in-house design, the CLOCK OUT bracelet: a conceptual wrist watch. When you feel like you've been working overtime, look at your wrist, CLOCK OUT and remember to unwind, leaving the work day behind.

this 925 silver soft box chain lobster clasping bracelet with it's smooth and weighty clock face is made locally in NYC and is available in half inch increments. after casting, each clock face is matte finished by hand, with blackened engravings: 5 o'clock motif on the front, and OJ C00 hallmark on the back. OJ recommends 1" larger than your wrist measure for that true slightly snug weighty watch feeling, or 1.5" larger than your wrist measure if you prefer more movement in the hang. 

please allow 2 weeks for your hand CLOCK OUT to ship. 

don't see your size? want it in gold? 
email to place a custom order.

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